Blood Collection Monitor


Blood Collection Monitor

LCD Blood Collection Monitor is a compact instrument to provide smooth and gentle rocking for homogeneous mixing with anticoagulant without clot formation of blood from a donor.


  • 1. Microprocessor based controller system with accuracy of +/- 1 ml.

    2. Meant for stationary and mobile use for easy & safe blood Collection.

    3. Pre-selection of volume/ 16x2 Jumbo LCD display with White Backlight.

    4. Mixing speed of 12 to 14 rpm for gentle and smooth mixing with anticoagulant prevents Clot formation

    5. End to end gentle blood mixing with coagulant and control of collection time.

    6. Audio and visual alarm for High flow(> 180 ml/min) and Low flow (< 20 ml/min)and commencement of collection

    7. Auto tare facility / Auto release function with Removable Magnetic Tray • Automatic check on Blood flow rate and collection time during collection

    8. Motorized clamping with manual pause/clamping to temporary suspend the process.

    9. Available in 2D(See Saw) and 3D Movement

    10. Display of Set Volume, Process Volume, Weight, Flow Rate, Time & Current Status & Battery Percentage

    11. Volume can be set 1 ml. Increment with two Pre-set points (350 & 450 ml)

    12. Volume can be set from 1 ml. To 999ml.

    13. Provision for pausing collection and change Program during blood collection

    14. Adjustable Low Flow & High Flow point


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