Refrigerated Centrifuge


Refrigerated Centrifuge

Microprocessor Controlled OR PLC Based Blood Bank Centrifuge is designed for blood Banks components separation room, The Instruments is specialized in separating Blood component like Packed cells, Platelet Rich Plasma, Platelet Concentrate, Cryoprecipitate and buffy coat separation.
The instruments outer body is made of heavy gauge Mild steel duly powder coated with stainless Steel (304) Inner Chamber and prompt PUF Insulation to ensure accurate cooling inside the Chamber, and built in Brush less induction drive motor ensures low level of vibration and noise with smooth acceleration/deceleration.


  • 1. Program up to 99. Precise speed control and reproducibility.

    2. Imbalance detector with cut-off.

    3. Password Protected Parameter Setting for authorised access.

    4. Audiovisual Alarm for process complete, imbalance & process terminate.

    5. Brush-less induction motor with frequency drive. Pre setting of speed, temperature and time.

    6. Safety lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation.

    7. Multicolor TFT Graphic/HMI Display of Set and Process Value of RPM, Temp., Time.

    8. Acceleation & Deceleration with RCF indicator.

    9. 2 Pre cooling Program ie. 22C & 4C

    10. Integrated Soft Key LID opening system with Extra safety manual opening in case of power failure. Viewing window for RPM Calibration. Safety Gas hin


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