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After Sales, Service & Spare parts management is one of the most important factor for any Doctor or Customer. The Machine should work with high accuracy & up time.
This can only possible by efficient, timely spare parts supply and rapid after sales service.
The maintenance cost has to be reasonable over the life time of X-Ray System. For that reason we provide AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) & CMC(Comprehensive Maintenance Contract)

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

Laptech Medical Systems offers full service support and agreements to its Clients that can act as an appropriate solution. AMC will be provided after expiry of warranty period. On expiry of warranty period, we undertake Annual Maintenance Contract on reasonable terms favorable to our Customers.

The Annual Maintenance Contract can be undertaken covering only labor charges. The spares will be recommended by our service personnel from case to case depending on age of the machine, usages and number of identical machines installed at one location etc. Security along with flexibility is its main character with certain benefits that are enclosed below:

  • Attending all breakdown at no extra cost.
  • Checking and re-calibration of machine in a year.
  • Reduced Radiation Dose to Patient & Operator.
  • Quick Service Guarantee.
  • Uninterrupted functioning of the equipment i.e. more profits to the Hospital.
  • Minimum Repair Time.
  • Spare Charges not included in AMC.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC)

CMC Provided by us have various benefits that includes:

  • Maintenance and Service with spare parts replacement.
  • Increase if Life span of Equipment and X-ray Tube resulting in saving on replacement cost.
  • Reduced Radiation Dose to Patient & Operator.
  • Prioritizing provision of service to customer by Company.
  • Provide discount for spare for those customers who has covered under AMC.

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